About the author

Melissa Yeomans

<p>Melissa Yeomans lives in West Michigan with her husband and five children.<br /> A lover of spontaneous adventure, she enjoys playing outdoors, running in the mud with her children, blowing bubbles, and wearing a tutu. All silliness aside, sharing the forgiveness and love she has received through Christ is at the heart of her work. In her writing, illustrating, film making and sidewalk advocacy Melissa seeks to bring joy to others while celebrating the gift of life. Her&nbsp; works include,&nbsp;</p><p>The Axe. The Window. The Board. (Dream Series),</p><p>Through My Tears - A Letter to my Doctor (Dear Abortion Doctor/ Short Film),</p><p>Children&#39;s Book RUN DOG! RUN! (an adventure)&nbsp;</p><p>More of her work can be found on her YouTube channel - Melissa Yeomans</p>