About the author

Cassandre Dayne

<p> Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently she has over eighty erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and several more under contract. Her recent titles include: Uncuff Me, Unwrap Me, Like a River, Hot Summer Nights Collection, Dirty Little Lunches Collection, Dirty Little Secrets Collection, His Wrath, Done, Unleashed, Rustling Danger, Extreme Position, Ride and Wild Pony, and several m/m pieces including Game Over, Power Struggle and Punch Back, Like a River, and the recently re-released Male Order. Her first print release &ndash; a compilation of several pieces titled The Feast of Temptation was released in September of 2011 with a second for the m/m genre set for release in 2013. Her m/m titles including Punchback, Shattered, Hearts Forged in Fire, His Wrath, Done, Like a River, every Hot Summer Nights and every Sizzling Winter Nights piece received silver stars from ARe within hours of their release. She has over twenty more to release in 2013 with Rebel Ink.</p> <p> She&rsquo;s also had several releases with Naughty Nights Press &ndash; Spankdown, Red Fire &ndash; Surrender, Raging Shadows, Forced Fantasies, Mr. Mistletoe and Oral Sex &ndash; Hot Shots, Phone Sex &ndash; Hot Shots with the second in the Fire Trilogy &ndash; Blue Fire, Domination &ndash; receiving a silver star and Dazzle and Bad Things. Staged Whispers and Yellow Fire are hot off the presses with Bad Things &ndash; Stalk soon to be released.</p> <p> Upcoming Releases:<br /> Certified Male &ndash; the second in the Male Order Trilogy<br /> Dirty Little Secrets &ndash; His Hidden Girl<br /> I Like to Watch &ndash; writing with Christian Jensen<br /> The Darkness Within &ndash; written with Christian Jensen<br /> Decision &ndash; the second in the Domestic Discipline trilogy<br /> Untie Me &ndash; the last in the &ldquo;Un&rdquo; Collection</p> <p> Member of:</p> <p> Virginia Romance Writers<br /> Romance Writers of America<br /> Passionate Ink<br /> EPIC<br /> ARRA &ndash; Australian Romance Readers Association<br /> Paranormal Romance Guild</p> <p> Find Cassandre at:</p> <p> cassandre@cassandredayne.com<br /> http://www.cassandredayne.com<br /> http://twitter.com/bethanyhalle<br /> http://cassandredayne.wordpress.com/<br /> http://pinterest.com/cassandredayne/&nbsp;<br /> http://www.romancenovelcenter.com/cassandredayne</p>