About the author

David Anderson

<p>David Anderson lives in Minnesota with with wife Rebecca and their Teddy Bear puppy Buddy. An avid dog lover his whole life, David has translated that passion into his writing.<br /> <br /> Growing up on a farm, David was exposed to all sorts of animals; raising Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Horses, and Chickens, as well as caring for his families dogs and cats.<br /> <br /> &quot;Some of my favorite memories as a child involve running through the pasture with my dogs, and lazy summer days spent lying in the grass with all the animals&quot; Anderson said. &quot;As a young boy I really wanted to be a veterinarian, and while I eventually chose a different path, my passion for animals never wore off.&quot;<br /> <br /> That passion for animals continued as he graduated college and started to make his way into the world. Mr. Anderson launched LP Media, a company that is dedicated to promoting and educating the public about the joys of pet ownership. The company started small, but quickly grew and now helps over a million pet owners every month.<br /> <br /> Anderson continues to write and search for ways to help other people who are contemplating the decision to become a pet owner.<br /> <br /> &quot;My work is never done&quot; he said. &quot;I love helping other people and providing great resources that they can use to help better their lives, and the lives of their pets. I plan on continuing to create great products that help pet owners for as long as I can!&quot;</p>