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Brian Wright

<p><strong>ABOUT BRIAN S. WRIGHT, Ph.D(c)</strong></p><p>Founder and Executive Director of Calvert Biblical Institute<br /> ‚Äč<br /> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Brian Wright is a biblical scholar and author, having spent most of the last seventeen years of his studies investigating the Ancient Near Eastern languages, cultures, and history that birthed Judaism and Christianity. He holds a Master of Religious Education in Middle Eastern Studies from The American Institute of Holy Land Studies, has studied sociology and religion at&nbsp;Oxford Graduate School, and is completing a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies at&nbsp;Trinity Theological Seminary. &nbsp;Following this, he intends further post-graduate and doctoral study in&nbsp;Semitic languages,&nbsp;biblical interpretation, and&nbsp;sociology of religion. &nbsp;His latest book,<em>&nbsp;The Great Yet Completely Misunderstood Commission of Jesus&nbsp;</em>was published in February of 2011.&nbsp; His other works include&nbsp;<em>Blood &amp; Seed:What Is The Eden Story Really Telling Us?</em>&nbsp;released in October of 2010, its sequel,&nbsp;<em>The GodBlood</em>, due in 2017, and&nbsp;<em>What the Biblical Text Actually Says About Speaking in Tongues</em>, due in late 2016.</p>