About the author

Mark S. R. Sterling

<p> Mark S. R. Sterling is a semi-retired industrial safety engineer who left full time employment during the recent surge in unemployment.&nbsp; {Yes, you may read between the lines.}&nbsp; Now, when not actually gainfully employed, he spends his time trading stock market index options, or traveling and visiting his children in the I-95 Corridor along the US Southeast coast.<br /> Mark&rsquo;s entertainment is the ocean.&nbsp; He enjoys the beach, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and the ever popular barstool warming in waterfront taverns.&nbsp; It is in this last activity where he enjoys his all time favorite pastime of simply meeting people.&nbsp; You see, while Mark&rsquo;s stories are fictional, the specific incidents and characters are built from somebody&rsquo;s real life.<br /> So the next time you are in a waterfront tavern and someone engages you in conversation open up and tell something interesting about your life.&nbsp; Then, you will be a character in Mark&rsquo;s next book.</p>