About the author

MK Eidson

<p>Owner and operator of the Eposic publishing imprint, MK (Mike) Eidson wrote his first speculative fiction tale in fourth grade. He has served as game master for countless RPG sessions, running games in dozens of rules systems, often converting scenarios written for one system to run in another. He's now happily combining his passions for speculative fiction and role-playing in the creation of GameLit / LitRPG novels, hoping to find readers who can appreciate his unfettered and unhinged style.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>Mike lives in Central Florida with his wife and their pet Jack Russell Terrier, where they enjoy casual strolls around the neighborhood and nearby parks. Mike also enjoys creating games, number &amp; letter puzzles, digital art, and videos. He creates electronic music as a member of the electronic music act, Max Gumdrop.</p>