About the author

Kelli A. Wilkins

<strong>Kelli A. Wilkins</strong> is an award-winning author who has published more than 100 short stories, 20+ romance novels, 7 non-fiction books, and 5 horror ebooks. Her romances span many genres and heat levels, and she’s also been known to scare readers with her horror stories.​​​​​​​<br>Her latest novel, <strong><em>In Another World</em></strong>, was released in January 2022. This contemporary mystery/romance is set in the world of the paranormal.<br>She also released two horror shorts, <strong><em>More Than I Bargained For</em></strong> and <strong><em>Silent Sentinel</em></strong> in 2021.<br>In 2021, Kelli published <strong><em>Journaling Every Week: 52 Topics to Get You Writing</em></strong>.<strong><em> </em></strong>This fun and innovative guide to journaling is filled with hundreds of thought-provoking prompts designed to get you writing about your feelings and emotions.&nbsp;<br><strong>​​​​​​​Visit her website/blog www.KelliWilkins.com to learn more about all of her writings.</strong>