About the author

JC Morrows

JC Morrows is the bestselling author of the young adult dystopian series: Order of the MoonStone and the post-apocalyptic Frozen World series. A believer in sharing knowledge, JC is passionate about both stoking the creative fire in young minds and doing all she can to help authors of all experience levels excel. <br> <br>​​​​​​​A true storyteller, JC is one of those authors who grew up thinking it was perfectly normal to make up wild and fantastic tales, talk to people who weren’t there, and look at the world from a perspective that no one else understood. <br><br> These days she records those fantastical tales (when her resistant laptop lets her)... and the people who aren’t there... well, she still talks to them. She tells their stories and even argues with them on occasion. And she still sees the world in a way that makes sense to no one else, but that’s OK because she is a teller of tales, a dreamer of dreams, a traveler of made-up worlds! <br><br> When JC is not writing her fantastical tales, she can be found hanging with friends on FACEBOOK @JC.Morrows.Author, INSTAGRAM @JCMorrows, TWITTER @JCMorrows, and GOODREADS @JCMorrows. For more info &amp; BOOK NEWS, visit her at JCMorrows.com