About the author

Judy Koot

Judy Koot is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher based in the Netherlands.<br>She works as a writer,&nbsp;illustrator&nbsp;and&nbsp;musician, and teaches all three disciplines.<br>As a writer she creates fiction, nonfiction and poetry in different genres, and for different age groups.<br>Her work has been published in Dutch and Belgian magazines and anthologies, and won several prizes, including the Dutch&nbsp;<em>ELLE</em>&nbsp;Poetry Award in 2002.<br>In 2005, her first children’s picture book&nbsp;<em>Het huis van Lotte Hanoeman</em>&nbsp;(The House of Lily Hanuman)&nbsp;was published by Belgian publisher De Eenhoorn.<br>Nowadays, she’s focusing on bringing her work to an international audience in the form of English (e)books.