About the author

Michael McClain

<p> Michael McClain (1970-?) selected his pen name based on his first name, and then the last name to honor his mother and father (step-father). He was born in Youngstown, Ohio and moved to Texas at an early age. He was always interested in the stars and science fiction shows, and this shows in his writing.</p> <p> Not thinking he could make it as a writer he became a long haul truck driver for four years, after drifting from job to job. Finally, he decided to stop and pursue his dream of writing for a living. He started writing over eight years ago, and gained mixed reception. His friends and family were instrumental in keeping him on track and writing.</p> <p> With a small gathering of friends that help him proof he started a web site with his best friend to tried to make their dream come true. Eventually, moving into self publishing as it became more popular and open to the independent authors.</p> <p> His passion in writing focuses around Science Fiction. Though he does dabble in other genres, so you can expect to see other genres show up eventually.</p>