About the author

Ron C. Nieto

<p></p><p>Ron C. Nieto was born not that long ago in a bustling European city. There were no castles and definitely no princes whatsoever, and she can&rsquo;t recall any fairy looming over her cradle, but she was awarded a gift of sorts: a wild imagination combined with a love for words.</p><p>She always knew she wanted to be a writer: actually, she doesn&#39;t recall ever striving to be anything else.</p><p>Well, past that amusing stage wherein she insisted on being Batman, that is.</p><p>While Ron still loves comics and superheroes, cheesecake is a better bribe these days if you&#39;re trying to hurry up the release of her next book. Even virtual cheesecakes in her mailbox can do the trick, sometimes.</p>