About the author

Michael John Melton

<p>Monsters are real, and that is why I started writing &ldquo;A Most Dangerous Game&rdquo;. I wanted to write a series of books, dealing the vile creatures who rule our world.</p> <p>If you follow me on social media, you&#39;ll actually see me make the connection between real events, and the fictional characters in in my books.</p> <p>My characters are compelling and romantic. They have a dark sense of humor, and they are not afraid to deal with the real life horrors we see detailed on social media, on a daily basis.</p> <p>If you like film production, and music, as well as writing, you might want to follow the progress of this series: &ldquo;A Most Dangerous Game&rdquo; series. I studied Film production at UCLA, Business administration at CSULB, Graphic arts at GWC, and I would like to share what I&#39;ve learned with others.</p>