About the author

Sandra J. Jackson

<p>A graduate of a 3-year Graphic Design program, Sandra J. Jackson has always been creative, from drawing and painting to telling stories to her children when they were young. Her wild imagination lends itself to new and exciting ideas.</p><p>Sandra&rsquo;s debut novel, <em>Promised Soul</em>, was released in 2015 by Fountain Blue Publishing. A short story, <em>Not Worth Saving</em>, appears in New Zenith Magazine&rsquo;s 2016 fall issue. She also has had several sports articles published in a local newspaper. She holds a professional membership with the Canadian Author Association and is a member of Writers&rsquo; Ink.</p><p>Sandra lives with her husband and two young adult children in a rural setting in Eastern, Ontario. She is currently working on the third book of her first series.</p>