About the author

Richard Hughes

<p>Richard Hughes closed his 24-seat safety training center on Cape Cod to become a retired student of modern worldwide shipping operations.&nbsp;He graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a B.S. in Marine Transportation, then obtained a Masters Degree in Business from Lesley University. While at MMA, he sailed on the <em>Bay State</em>, the <em>CV Lightning</em>, and the <em>TS Mobil Lube</em>.&nbsp; He is the author of <em>Bringing Down the Safety Guy</em>, <em><strong>H</strong>azard Elimination Inc.</em>--a series of novels about safety mishaps, and&nbsp;<em><strong>Deep Sea Dominoes</strong></em>, a print version of <strong><em>SeaBlameworthiness. </em></strong>He is also<strong><em>&nbsp;</em></strong>the co-author of a novel,&nbsp; <strong><em>Newtucket - the Rising</em></strong>.&nbsp;He and his wife have&nbsp;written six&nbsp;screenplays entitled <strong><em>Cape Car Blues, Freeport Fred's Valiant Summer, Golf Cart Ranger, Plimsoll,</em></strong> and&nbsp;<em>Training Ship</em>.&nbsp;&nbsp;He lives in Falmouth, MA, with his wife Lavinia Hughes.</p>