About the author

Myrna Mackenzie

Myrna Mackenzie is a self-proclaimed “student of all things that concern women and their relationships.”&nbsp; An award-winning author whose books have been translated into numerous languages all over the world.<br>She lives in the Chicago area, but she’s spent a lot of time roaming the small towns and natural areas of the country and elsewhere (yes, there were sometimes mountain hikes, white water rafting excursions, and tenting while a bear beat on a nearby garbage can). She is a fan of coffee, crossword puzzles, historical dramas, musicals, people watching and taking long walks, and she spends a fair amount of time dreaming of/planning/trying to create a bigger and better garden in her little rectangle of green yard (although what she really excels at is accidentally killing plants).<br>Of course, the biggest thrill of all is creating characters and stories to share with others.