About the author

Carmen Webb

<p>Carmen began writing at a young age, usually suspense short stories, always in her own style. English teachers often criticized her works in high school because they did not conform to the style and methods that teachers wanted in their classes. One English teacher even commented that she would not amount to anything until she learned to write the correct way. That teacher received a print copy of the very first book that Carmen had published.<br /> <br /> When Carmen received her first computer, her writing went into overdrive, turning out long letters and short stories. However due to a long stint in the armed services Carmen did not publish her first book for years. After her first book, it was another ten years before she submitted another book for publication. That was when she discovered that there was an outlet for her erotic fantasies and began writing stories about her fantasies and real-life experiences. Now she regularly publishes new works, still in her own style. Carmen Webb has been featured several times in the Amazon top 100 erotica list.<br /> <br /> Carmen currently lives in Costa Rica with her partner and their hound dog, El Capit&aacute;n. Her office looks out over the Rain Forest Jungle and provides inspiration and peace.</p>