About the author

Marlene Jensen

<em>Dr. Marlene Jensen has been a pricing specialist since 1991. This includes:</em><br><em>* CEO of Pricing Strategy Associates (22 years), where she helped large and very small companies,&nbsp;</em><em>* Professor -- Behavioral Pricing -- for 15 years,&nbsp;</em><em>* Researcher -- 32 studies conducted on pricing strategy,&nbsp;</em><em>* Author -- four books on pricing strategy</em><br><br><em>Today she is the founder of the Pricing Psychology Institute, which offers books and video courses on pricing strategy.</em><br><br><em>Jensen has a B.A. in psychology and a doctorate in marketing. Her&nbsp;dissertation was on&nbsp;pricing new products.</em>&nbsp;<em>For fun she helps entrepreneurs by volunteering with SCORE and kayaking with her two dogs.</em>