About the author

Kelvin Bueckert

<p>Kelvin is a diverse writer who has written drama, humor, suspense, poetry, and pretty much, whatever he feels like writing. His writings have been featured in many different and diverse places such as The Pedestal Magazine, Horizon Magazine, The Fifth Dimension, Writer Online, The Martian Wave, Lyrica Webzine of Romantic Fiction, Bewildering Stories, Alephion, Washing the Color of Water Golden, and many others.<br><br>As an actor, producer, writer and director Kelvin has been involved with many productions. So, if you have a show in the works, why not contact him?<br><br><strong>Awards</strong><br><br>2nd Place in a Canada Post Essay Contest.<br>Honorable Mention in the Unscrambled Eggs poetry contest.<br>Runner up in Breakaway Magazine's Hey World essay contest.<br>4th Place in the Spinetinglers contest.<br>Outstanding Community Achievement as part of the Austin Manitoba 150th Anniversary celebrations.<br>Garageband, song of the day.<br>Compo10 song contest winner.<br><br></p>