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Dee Carver

<p>My name is Dee, I am a mother of 5 amazing children. My First Novel, <strong>La Roe&rsquo;s</strong> was published in 2005 and nominated for the Golden Rose Awards the following year. It has been re-released thanks to the amazing editing help from Cindy, Personalized Marketing Inc manager.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> My Second Novel, <strong>Fay&rsquo;s Wish</strong> was published in 2006 and will be re-released later this year.<br /> <br /> My 3rd Novel <strong>Chocolate Seduction</strong> of the <strong>Cursed Seduction Series</strong> is currently being revised for future publication.<br /> <br /> I have also Ghost Written 2 additional books, and written hundreds of articles.<br /> <br /> I enjoy spending time with my children, being a grandmother, sitting down to a good book, and learning more about the career that has changed my life. I have been working online since 2005, beginning my journey as an Author, then a Reviewer, Freelance Publicist, and then found a love for websites, coding, &nbsp;most recently WordPress.<br /> <br /> I love hearing from Readers, Authors, Publishers, Reviewers and Everyone Else.<br /> <br /> <br /> I am also the Owner and CEO of Personalized Marketing.<br /> If you are looking for Personalized Marketing Inc https://personalizedmarketing.info</p>