About the author

Mark Biggs

<p>Hi - I am the author of Five books.&nbsp; The Max and Olivia series:<br><br>#1 Operation Underpants,&nbsp;<br>#2 Claudia<br>#3 Operation OBE - over bloody eighty<br><br>Above and Beyond and Whitaker's War - The Battle of the Atlantic.&nbsp;<br><br>Born in London (UK) I moved to Australia aged nine years with my parents. I was a &nbsp;Police Officer before becoming a Psychologist and investigating child abuse. I went on to have a wonderful and varied career, working with people with disabilities and then youth.&nbsp;<br><br>Although I wouldn't describe my books as historical fiction, the stories are often fashioned around historical and current events. &nbsp;The Max &amp; Olivia series celebrates the achievements of older people. They are hero's who are over eighty.<br><br>Currently, I am thinking about what to write next. May be a romance?<br></p>