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Michael R Dougherty

<p><strong>Good Lunchtime Stories by Michael R Dougherty</strong><br><br>Every since my hair turned white, people keep telling me that I remind them of comedian Steve Martin.<br><br><strong>And here's something cool</strong>. Steve Martin is also an author. OK, now I'll wait while you scroll back up this page to look at my author's picture on the upper left side of this page to see if you think I look like Steve Martin.<br><br>So, what do you think?<br><br><strong>But enough about me</strong> - what you really care about is reading a good short story, and I have a bunch of um. Just check out the list on this page, click on one you're interested in and enjoy your Good Lunchtime Stories.<br><br>Most of my stories are humorous. So if you need to smile and take a break from your day, just choose one of my fun short stories, grab a snack, lunch or dinner, your favorite beverage and start reading.<br><br><strong>Enjoy my short stories</strong><br><br><br>Michael R Dougherty<br><br><strong>Author, Storyteller</strong><br><br><br></p>