About the author

John Moralee

<p>John Moralee is the author of the Rhode Island murder mystery novel <em>Acting Dead</em>, the British zombie apocalypse thriller <em>Journal of the Living</em>, and the comic fantasy tale <em>Crowning Achievements: The Legend of King Arthur</em>&nbsp;- as well as over two-hundred short stories. He lives in the UK, where his fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies including<em> The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories,&nbsp;Clockwork Cairo: Egyptian Steampunk, Visions III-V</em>, <em>Crimewave</em>, and the British Fantasy Society&#39;s magazine.</p><p>John Moralee&#39;s short story collections include&nbsp;<em>Bloodways</em>&nbsp;(horror), <em>The Bone Yard and Other Stories</em>&nbsp;(horror), <em>The Quick and the Dread</em> (horror), <em>Dead and Gone&nbsp;</em>(crime), <em>The Good Soldier&nbsp;</em>(contemporary fiction) and <em>The Tomorrow Tower&nbsp;</em>(science fiction).</p><p></p>