About the author

Belinda M Gordon

<p><strong>Belinda M Gordon</strong>, a former Wall Street executive, has written numerous articles for trade and local newspapers, magazines, and blogs as the the owner of a Home Care Agency. She is currently on her third career as a Novelist. <br><br>She is of Irish heritage, which is how she became interested in Celtic Mythology.&nbsp; She used the Celtic Mythology, specifically of Ireland, as the starting point of her contemporary Romance/Fantasy series, <strong><em>The King's Jewel</em>.</strong> &nbsp; <br><br>Belinda also enjoys photography, fashion, music, dancing and a good mystery. You will find these influences throughout her writing. A native of Pennsylvania, Belinda currently lives in the Pocono Mountain area with her wonderfully supportive husband and a crazy dog named Max.<br><br> Belinda’s books are available in paperback and ebook. For more information on this author and where to purchase her books go to her website at <strong>www.belinda-gordon.com</strong><strong> </strong> <br></p>