About the author

Timony Souler

<p>Timony Souler has been writing since she could string a coherent sentence together. It started out as an escape from reality, soon became a hobby and now takes up most of her brain activity.</p><p>Author of &quot;Ghosts&quot; and &quot;Poetry, Prose &amp; all the in-between things&quot; - available on verious platforms, including Kindle, Kobo and iBooks.&nbsp;</p><p>Her current works are &ldquo;In Progress&rdquo;, along with random bouts of &lsquo;poetry&rsquo; and a weird obsession with all things &lsquo;adorbz&rsquo;.</p><p>She also like drawing and pretending she can take photographs with artistic qualities.</p><p>When she isn&#39;t writing you can find her living #TheWienLifestyle, taking #selfies, devouring the written word, drinking too much tea and admiring shiny things.</p>