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RJ Salerno

<p>RJ Salerno was born in San Antonio Texas, grew up in Southern California. In mid-2006, he returned to his roots to Fort Worth Texas.</p><p></p><p>RJ is an Entrepreneur with a background in business and real estate. RJ began his real estate career in 2002; like so many with all the excitement, passion and a can-do attitude. Within eight months&#39; time, I was all but out of a real estate career until one day when the most profound game-changing discovery was revealed and my Real Estate Career would never be the same.</p><p></p><p>Since the creation of the Art of the Open House&trade;, RJ has mentored and trained many real estate agents to a pathway for SUCCESS.</p><p></p><p>** Other books available: Eyes of a Real Estate Professional | El Arte de la Casa Abierta&trade; - Spanish Edition | Art of the Open House&trade;</p>