About the author

Miriam F. Martin

<p>Miriam F. Martin grew up wanting to be a cam girl, but excessive stage fright killed the dream. Her passion for getting strangers off over the wild worldwide web hasn&rsquo;t died yet. So she focuses her time writing smutty books for smart people, like you. When not writing erotica, she also writes science fiction and fantasy.</p><p>Her hobbies include playing the guitar badly, misinterpreting the future with Tarot cards, and over-analyzing dreams. She also enjoys first-person shooters, rogue-likes, and hidden object games. Her quest in life is to have a house full of cats.</p><p>Miriam loves to hear from her fans, and she may be contacted through her agent,</p><p>David Anthony Brown, at:<br /> david (at) danthonybrown (dot) com</p>