About the author

Godiva Glenn

<p><em><strong>Godiva Glenn</strong></em> started out by writing steamy romance novels, but soon discovered a penchant for creating delightful erotic encounters. She holds a&nbsp;B.A. in Literature, which more or less means she has spent more hours reading and writing than she would ever care to admit to.</p><p>Most of her writing is produced in the form of sizzling short stories, which tie into a single universe of men and women just looking for some fun&hellip; and the occasional happily ever after&ndash;the&nbsp;Naughty Night-Reading&nbsp;universe. If the paranormal/supernatural gives you goosebumps, she writes that too. Wolves are her preferred sexy shifters, but who knows what the future holds.</p><p>She resides in the U.S. with dreams of traveling abroad to research locations.</p><p>Also, she does not bite and is relatively pleasant to socialize with. Contact away.</p>