About the author

Geoff O'Brien

Active-minded author Geoff O’Brien is in the middle of an epic journey, having left Notimperfectown a while back. When he gets to Selfmademanville, he’ll send a postcard. Assuming those exist in the future.<br><br>A man who enjoys learning on the job, Geoff’s first novel didn’t go so great. Oh well. Plenty more where that came from. Such as <strong>Siren Plays Zeperno</strong>, which is his second novel. He's working on two more novels. One is a lighthearted 'middle grade' story, the other a philosophical dystopian sci-fi.<br><br>He currently resides in North Queensland, because he thought it would be a good idea at the time. <br><br> His online shrine is at www.geoffobrien.com.au. Get in touch with him at geoff@geoffobrien.com.au. He also maintains author pages at Amazon ( www.amazon.com/author/geoffobrien ) and Goodreads(www.goodreads.com/geoffobrien). He doesn't have any social media accounts. <br>