About the author

Geoff O'Brien

Geoff O’Brien aspires to become an armchair philosopher one day. If only he had an armchair! In the meantime, he’ll settle for something less comfortable, though more versatile: his very own refurbished camping chair, also known as his Grand Writing/Reading/Learning/Gaming/Raving(as context permits) Seat. From this lofted furnishing doth he orate to the world.<br><br>In other words, Geoff enjoys writing novels to expand both his and reader’s perspectives. To this end, prior to <strong>Existence</strong>, his two previous novels have depicted a preteen type 1 diabetic girl playing junior rugby league(<strong>Better Together</strong>), and a deaf teenager and her hard-of-hearing friends playing a pro-disability-themed online card-collectible video game(<strong>Siren Plays Zeperno</strong>). He’s currently working on the next <strong>Win-Win For the Win</strong> and <strong>Philosophy of Life</strong> novels.&nbsp; He currently resides in southeast Queensland.&nbsp; He (poorly)maintains author pages at Amazon, Goodreads, and Books2Read.&nbsp; He doesn't have any social media accounts.<br><br><strong>www.geoffobrien.com.au</strong><br><strong>geoff@geoffobrien.com.au</strong><br>&nbsp;<strong>https://www.amazon.com/author/geoffobrien</strong><br><strong>https://www.goodreads.com/geoffobrien</strong><br>