About the author

Geoff O'Brien

&nbsp;Geoff O’Brien is not as brave as preteen diabetic girls or rugby league players. He’s scared of needles. Once, he was tackled, which resulted in a weird and gross injury. He never played a contact sport ever again. &nbsp;<br><br>A man who enjoys learning on the job, Geoff’s first novel didn’t go so great. Oh well. Plenty more where that came from. <strong>Siren Plays Zeperno</strong> is about a deaf girl and her hard of hearing friends playing an online card-collectible game. <strong>Better Together</strong> is the first novel in his <strong>Win-Win For the Win</strong> series, which portrays a type 1 diabetic girl playing junior rugby league.<br><br>Geoff is currently working on at least two more projects: the second <strong>Win-Win For the Win</strong> novel, and the first entry in a philosophical post-apocalyptic series.<br><br>He resides in North Queensland, because he thought it would be a good idea at the time.<br><br>His online shrine is www.geoffobrien.com.au. Get in touch with him at geoff@geoffobrien.com.au. He also maintains author pages at Amazon ( www.amazon.com/author/geoffobrien ) and Goodreads(www.goodreads.com/geoffobrien). He doesn't have any social media accounts.<br>