About the author

Keri Kruspe

<p><br></p><p>Keri Kruspe, award-winning “Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures” loves nothing more than to write about romances that feature “feisty heroines who aren’t afraid to take a chance on life…or love”. Her writing career started when she became irritated that most SciFi romances had women kidnapped before they could find love. Determined to create something different, she turned “the alien kidnapping trope upside down” (Vine Voice) and the ALIEN EXCHANGE trilogy was born. <br>​​​​​​​ <br> Keri’s latest SciFi Romance novel, TODAY IS TOMORROW’S PAST, is the first in a five-book series that takes the <em>Ancient Alien</em> motif and mixes it with a romantic twist. A native Nevadan, Keri is a lifelong avid reader who currently lives in Northwestern Michigan with her husband and the newest member of the family, a Jack Russell Terrier, Hestia. When not immersed in her made-up worlds, she enjoys discovering the fascinating landscape of her new home as well as pairing red wine with healthy ways to cook. Most of all, she loves finding her next favorite author. <br>​​​​​​​ <br> If you want to know when Keri’s next book will come out, please visit her website at http:/kerikruspe.com, where you can sign up for her mailing list. You’ll get a FREE copy of the prologue to TODAY IS TOMORROW’S PAST as well as keeping updated on the life of a dedicated, obsessed author. <strong>&nbsp;</strong>​​​​​​​<br></p>