About the author

Roger Alan Bonner

<p>Roger Alan Bonner is a retired economist and ersatz mathematician, now busy creating works of fiction. He works primarily in science fiction because science is exploding these days. &nbsp;</p><p></p><p>He retired from Washington, D.C., spent time in waterlogged Florida, and then escaped to the Triangle are of North Carolina. It is a beautiful place, which the hurricanes often miss, filled with warm, bright, interesting people.</p><p>He has two daughters and usually does not know where they are.&nbsp;</p><p>He likes baseball, the Outer Banks, chocolate cream pie, dancing, music, and is a huge fan of painter Vincent van Gogh, home run king Barry Bonds, guitarist Al DiMeola, and actress Minnie Driver.&nbsp;</p><p>Contact him at rogeralanbonner.com.</p>