About the author

Alicia Hope

<em>Once you chooe HOPE anything is possible....</em><br><br>Despite living within cooee of the Great Barrier Reef, idyllic tropical islands, and a well-stocked ocean pantry, author Alicia Hope is a self-confessed landlubber and disliker of seafood (I know - what the heck, right?!). She’s also a keen horse rider, bass player, and bird watcher, and shares her gumtree-dotted acreage home with author husband, Frank H Jordan, feathered larrikin, cockatiel Kewbie Kewberton, and a whole bunch of wild birds, roos, goannas, and pretty-face wallabies. Her feel-good stories showcase Alicia’s love of the land and the natural world, and this is especially true of her <strong>Long Road</strong><em> </em>series.<br><br>Anyone who has travelled Australia by road knows to prepare for <em>looong</em> trips, with a high probability of obstacles and roadblocks being encountered along the way. So it’s no surprise the heroines in Alicia’s stories discover that the road to happiness can also be long, potholed, and downright challenging. But these gutsy Aussie gals are up for whatever challenges come their way!<br><br>For the latest on her books and writing life, visit Alicia online at aliciahopeauthor.blogspot.com.au, and collect an exclusive gift when you sign up for her oh-so newsy newsletter. :-)<br><br>