About the author

Lex Allen

<p>For a kick, I had my fortune told when I was sixteen. Some folks will claim &lsquo;self-actualization&rsquo; made the fortune teller&rsquo;s predictions come true. Well, the number of marriages, careers, etc, could be generated by the subconscious, but the number and gender of children, or the number of times I would escape certain death? I think not. With one exception, everything she prophesied has occurred.</p><p>I joined the Army at seventeen and that became my first career. My second career was civil service with the Department of Defense. From a total forty-three years of federal service, I served thirty-six of those in Germany. Throughout most of those years, I performed with a semi-pro band. After a recording contract and awards as &lsquo;best band&rsquo; and &lsquo;best album&rsquo; from the European Country Music Association, I thought music might be the foretold third career. We got close, but no cigar.</p><p>I took an early retirement from civil service four years ago to pursue a lifelong dream of writing. In 2011, I published the first book of The Imagine Trilogy,<em>No Heaven</em>, and followed that with&nbsp;<em>No Hell</em>&nbsp;(2013) and&nbsp;<em>No Religion</em>&nbsp;(2015). They&rsquo;ve done okay, but I needed professional guidance if I planned on growing as a writer. Fate came to the rescue as Evolved Publishing. I&rsquo;m confident my third career has arrived.</p><p>My religious conspiracy thriller series kicks off in September 2016 with&nbsp;<em>Eloah: The Druids</em>&nbsp;(a short story), and the first novel,&nbsp;<em>Eloah: No Heaven</em>.&nbsp;<em>Eloah: No Hell</em>&nbsp;comes out in October, and in November,&nbsp;<em>Eloah: No Religion</em>, along with the series paperback,&nbsp;<em>Eloah</em>. Audiobooks and foreign translations will be published as they become available throughout 2017.</p><p>If you&rsquo;re curious about the &ldquo;number of times I escaped the jaws of death,&rdquo; you can read about each in my next full-length novel,&nbsp;<em>Boomer</em>&nbsp;(An&nbsp;<em>Eloah</em>&nbsp;Novel), coming in the fall of 2017. Curious about the final prophecy? &ldquo;Late in life you will come into great sums of money and fame.&rdquo; I don&rsquo;t doubt the oracle, but I&rsquo;ve always wondered&mdash;when is late in life?</p>