About the author

Scerina Elizabeth

<p>Scerina Elizabeth is a new up and coming Paranormal Romance Erotica author. She is a North American of Jamaican descent from the New England region of the USA. She enjoys reading, writing, meeting new people, and making new friends.<br /> <br /> She enjoys reading and writing anything in the Paranormal Romance &amp; Paranormal Erotica genre.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Her favorite Paranormal Romance/Erotica book series are: Terry Bolryder&#39;s &quot;Rent-A-Dragon&quot; series, Bella Forrest&#39;s &quot;Shade Of Vampire&quot; series, E.M. Knight&#39;s &quot;Vampire Gift&quot; series, &amp; Stacy Claflin &quot;Transformed&quot; series<br /> <br /> Her favorite authors are: Bella Forrest, Terry Bolryder, Anne Rice, E.M. Knight, Stephen King, &amp; Stacy Claflin.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> She also enjoys writing poetry, blogging, and photography.</p>