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Grea Alexander

<p>Cyber stalk Grea Alexander via the following platforms:</p> <p>SeaMonkeyInk.com&nbsp;It&#39;s&nbsp;my first &amp;&nbsp;main online property. Ok, so it&#39;s a seedy faux physical address store front where I get my mail.</p> <p>www.GoodReads.com/GreaAlexander&nbsp; It&#39;s where&nbsp;my reviews live.</p> <p>LibraryThing.com/Author/AlexanderGrea It&#39;s where&nbsp;I once had a drunken 1 night stand &amp; left behind some review babies (that&nbsp;I&#39;m&nbsp;not entirely sure are mine).</p> <p>Amazon.com/Grea-Alexander/e/B00HV0M83Y &nbsp; It&rsquo;s where I take steamy slow-motion river baths with tall warrior women and sweaty, well-muscled, male sex slaves.</p> <p>BarnesAndNoble.com/s/&rdquo;GreaAlexander&rdquo; &nbsp;&nbsp;It&rsquo;s where I ride around in heavy armor and charge at windmills with my quill&hellip;Don Quixote style.</p> <p>SmashWords.com/Profile/View/SeaMonkeyInkLLC It&rsquo;s where &ldquo;Grea Smash!&rdquo;</p>