About the author

Vivienne Lee Fraser

<p>After many years as a closet writer my family circumstances allowed me to follow my dream of actually writing books and seeing them through to publication. I write stories I enjoy and that I think my family can identify with.</p><p>I love reading Fantasy Books because you can immerse yourself in a world with no preconceptions. I love writing fantasy stories for the same reason.</p><p>I live in Sydney with my husband, son, our dog Trouble and an over-active kitten called Lola. We get to travel a lot because our family lives around the world. To fund my writing I sell children&#39;s books online and at local markets. You can always find me at&nbsp;The Bookbubble.</p><p>When I am not writing I love reading, walking the dog, craft activities and good movies.</p><p>One day I am sure I will grow up, but hopefully not too soon. And when I do I would like to be exactly what I am now, and what I have always dreamed I would be, a writer.</p>