About the author

Riley Morrison

<p>Riley Morrison is an Australian writer who primarily writes in the fantasy, science fiction and post-apocalyptic genres. &nbsp;Because it is hard for Riley to write in only one genre, it would be easier to say he writes Speculative Fiction.</p><p>An avid reader of all things doom and gloom, Riley enjoys reading about how our civilization is close to collapse and how we are all going to have to get used to living in caves again. A dull and gloomy cave with no Internet, Twitter or cats.</p><p>Other things Riley likes, include history, bushwalking, cats, vegetable gardening, procrastinating, oddball slapstick comedies (Bruce Campbell FTW!), video games, and countless other things. And cats.</p><p>Riley is old enough to have written some semblance of a story on a Commodore Amiga 500 but not old enough to have used a typewriter. Sadly, it has taken him around 25 years from writing his first story to sit down and actually finish something. &nbsp;While hardly unique in this, Riley can at least boast he has actually finished writing something. Take that crazy ex first, flat mate!</p>