About the author

Alex Ander

<p>Alex Ander grew up in Michigan and lives in the middle of the &#39;mitten.&#39; He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business degree from Detroit College of Business, before starting his professional career. He has worked in the areas of Education and Business; currently, he is a self-employed, independent contractor.<br> <br> Alex has engaged in many activities in his lifetime, including baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, downhill skiing, and wood working. Most recently, he began playing the harmonica. As a devoted fan of the Detroit Lions, he never misses a game and, more importantly, never gives up on the team during a difficult season.<br> <br> Alex&#39;s creative nature led him to begin a career writing shorter novels in the thriller genre. He enjoys the writing process; creating characters that connect with readers. He envisions his readers becoming personally vested in the characters, eager to learn more about them.</p>