About the author

Anthony Nanfito

<p>Anthony Nanfito was born and raised in Northern California. After completing a degree in mathematics, he taught high school mathematics for five years. Now, he lives in Southeast Asia where teaches English as a Second Language and writes books.</p><p>His debut novel, "2149: Emergence," was first published in April 2020 and explores the ubiquitous use of virtual reality to save an environmentally damaged planet. Currently available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle editions.</p><p>When he's not writing, you can find him reading a book, listening to a science podcast, enjoying a nature walk in a rainforest, or debating whether he should channel his inner-Picard or inner-Janeway by ordering "Tea Earl Grey Hot" or "Coffee Black" at a cafe.</p><p>Visit his website http://nanfito.wordpress.com/ for more info on his latest releases and how to sign-up for his newsletter.</p>