About the author

Rosilyn Walker

<p>Author, Rosilyn Walker, was born September 20th, 1993, on the southside of Chicago. She began her writing journey as young as the age of 8 years old. Rosilyn's eldest sister, also mother by adoption, has always bestowed her with a diary. Though, she was oblivious to her own writing, Rosilyn has always found writing to be a therapeutic release for herself. She didn't begin to take her writing seriously until she began her journey in high school. Her favorite classes were Creative Writing and English, and she always took her assigned essays seriously; she never looked at them as homework assignments. Rosilyn's eldest sister was the first person to provide her with the physical tools for her gift, and a few select teachers were the first to embed and instill the mustard seed of faith and confidence into her gift. Since high school, Rosilyn has written many unreleased poems and short stories. Her devotional time with God and preferred method of prayer and meditation is through journaling, not surprising right?! As Rosilyn continues to grow and evolve, she hopes to share every step with you, through her therapeutic, God-given gift of writing. Will you come along for the ride?</p>