About the author

Dawn Blair

<p><strong>Dawn Blair</strong> grew up on a ranch in a rural Nevada town. The old buildings provided inspiration for her imagination as she thrived on stories of unicorns, princesses, heroic knights, and hidden doors to other dimensions.</p><p>For as long as she can remember, Dawn has had a passion for storytelling. Though she started out writing, her creative life expanded into painting and illustration.</p><p>She loves creating worlds and spinning tales for people to enjoy. The best ones are the stories that surprise her as she&rsquo;s writing. She loves her characters doing the unexpected. She&rsquo;ll gladly tell you that the most exciting part about being a writer is being the first one on the journey.</p><p>Thank you for taking the time to join her on these adventures.</p><p>Find more about Dawn Blair at</p><p><strong>www.dawnblair.com</strong></p><p></p>