About the author

Nicole MacDonald

I’m a thirty something kiwi woman who decided to start writing on a whim. I’d started a new role that wasn’t as demanding as my previous and had the novelty of hour long lunch breaks. It started out as doodles in a note pad, ideas that sprung to mind while at my desk with a breath-taking view of the Wellington harbour.<br>Those doodles turned into long conversations with my rather creative other-half who helped me develop a plot then very kindly put up with my rantings as I worked away at this idea every spare moment I had.<br>Releasing my first novel onto Amazon terrified me.<br>Then astonished me.<br>As weird as my writing style was, it turned out rather a few others wanted to read stories like this. Apparently I’m not the only one!<br>Now writing is a secondary source of (varied..) income that I dream of one day making a fulltime role. Until then, I squeeze in every spare moment to my growing number of diverse writing projects.