About the author

David Six

<p>Everyone is afraid of something.<br> <br> Maybe it&#39;s that flash of movement you are sure you saw from the corner of your eye just a second ago, but when you turned, nothing was there. Maybe it&#39;s the new noise in your house that you tell yourself is just the joists settling. Maybe it&#39;s your neighbor who seems friendly and convivial, but there is something just a bit off about them.<br> <br> Ordinary people encountering other people--or, perhaps, things--are at the crux of what I write. Ordinary people can be heroes, but they can also have the fecal matter scared out of them when they are stepping up.<br> <br> Some tales have a happy ending, but not all. And whether the monsters are human, or something else, their stories will be real.<br> <br> ----------------------------<br> <br> David Six lives in the Winston-Salem, NC area.</p>