About the author

Melanie Leavey

<p>Melanie....or, just Mel, if you please....is an indie author of urban fantasy and magical realism. Her stories are written around themes of place, belonging and ecofeminism.&nbsp; She believes that stories ought to serve as both comfort and escapism and should, above all other things, restore our belief in wonder and delight.</p><p>When she&#39;s not writing stories, she&#39;s also a gardener, herbalist, chicken-keeper, horse-rider, compulsive exclaimer and bookworm. She&#39;s an aspiring hermit, loves all-things-analogue and is happiest when drinking excess quantities of tea while thumbing through the latest David Austin rose catalogue.</p><p>She blogs about all of the above mentioned things plus other oddments and miscellany at her website....</p><p>www.threeravens.ca/blog</p><p></p>