About the author

Roi Shternin

<p>A real-life medical mystery, Roi diagnosed himself with a not so rare condition (POTS Syndrome), Teaching himself to walk and talk again at 27.<br/>&#13; He started a medical revolution, saving lives, and promoting health on his way to saving his own life. Roi Is the founder of the patient-led Israeli society for Dysautonomia and has founded several health startups and NGOs, including Help+, Valero Clinical, Project hearts, Labriut!, and more.<br/>&#13; Roi served as the first-ever Patient in Residence &amp; Head of Patient Innovation for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Austria and is acting as a board member for several health organizations. He is the founder of the groundbreaking, first-ever Patient School globally. This digital school teaches patients what he has learned from a decade of unimaginable struggle.<br/>&#13; Roi is an international keynote speaker, media personality, and Autor. His book "Revolution from the Patient bed" will be available in the upcoming months.</p>