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<em>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Travel through the Great Shield and discover the world of The Children of Corvu</em>s.<br><br>​​​​​​​Protected by an invisible force field known as the Great Shield, the dimension of Blackwater Hills in northern Maine, USA hides a race of shapeshifters descended from Corvus, the god of all beasts. The mighty deity had once bestowed an awesome legacy upon his tribe—the ability to transform into a powerful beast. In the past, those lucky enough to possess the gift of transformation were revered leaders and wielders of magic. Now, vestiges of the diluted ability trigger a curse the council of priests calls the blood madness. Corvus's Sacred Law has decreed that to guarantee the blood madness will not be passed to future generations, anyone afflicted with the curse must face a perilous fate.​​​​​​​<br>​​​​​​​&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>​​​​​​​Common tropes in this series:<br><em><strong>Star-crossed lovers, Portals, Other dimensions, Shapeshifters, Magical creatures, Witches, Magic, Reluctant hero/heroine, Fated mates​​​​​​​</strong></em><br><strong><br>​​​​​​​About the Author:</strong><br><br>L.E. Harrison is the author of the award-winning contemporary fantasy trilogy&nbsp;<strong><em>The Children of Corvus, From the Uncollected Thoughts of: L.E. Harrison&nbsp;</em></strong>a collection of previously published poems and short stories, and Kindle Vella serials<strong><em>&nbsp;Reyna (The New Order of Corvus),&nbsp;</em></strong>and<strong><em>&nbsp;Jarren (The New Order of Corvus).</em></strong>&nbsp;She lives in a one hundred and sixty-year-old farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania, where she is working on the next chapter in the fictional universe of Soluna’s<em>&nbsp;</em>children.<br><br>Sign up for L.E. Harrison’s Author Newsletter and get a free ebook copy of <strong><em>Cadie and Samuel: In the Interim (A Children of Corvus Short Story)</em></strong> - https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/5da0fd94-fe67-11e9-86d5-17b66e2d9bb6<br><em><strong>​​​​​​​</strong></em><br><em><strong>Praise for the Children of Corvus Trilogy:</strong></em><br><br><strong>Editorial Reviews:<br><br><em>Review of Blackbird (Book One) - An IHIBRP 5-Star Recommended Read!</em></strong><br>A Stunning Novel That Serves As Model For Paranormal Fantasy Reads!<br>L.E. Harrison leads us into the complex spiritual and metaphysical world of shifters and werewolves in her absorbing paranormal fantasy novel, “Blackbird (The Children of Corvus Book 1)”. Written as part diary and part third-person account, mostly on the behalf of her main characters—Alena, Michael, and Jonathan, this tale of an ancient inter-dimensional shifter civilization living a hidden life, obscured by The Great Shield, in the backwoods of Maine is as astonishing as it is unique.<br><br>In “Blackbird”, Author Harrison builds an entire world comprised of various paranormal beings that is based on constructed religious laws, folklore, and ancestral customs. The degree to which she evolves her characters, based on this premise, creates a whole new depth to shifter society—Something which I have not seen thus far in a novel of this genre.<br><br>From “Blackbird”’s heroic and impetuous female lead to her persecuted and brooding leading man, readers will find this novel more than satisfies one’s yen for romance and adventure as this pair and their cohorts uncover shocking secrets about their pasts that, perhaps, might best be left alone. In the end, this bittersweet tale is as shocking and revealing as can be.<br><br>Harrison’s story not only stands out in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy venue, it should serve as a model to other writers of how to develop a truly believable paranormal society. Mystery... Action... Romance... And much, much more are neatly tucked within the pages of this can’t-miss, astonishing tale.<br><em><strong>-J.B. Richards - IHIBRP, https://www.authorjbrichards.com</strong></em><br><br><em>​​​​​​​Readers' Favorite 5 Star review!<br>​​​​​​​Reviewed by&nbsp;Miche Arendse&nbsp;for Readers' Favorite</em><br>Black Bird by L.E. Harrison takes place in Blackwater Hills, home to the tribe of Corvus. It follows the tale of Alena Andrick as she attempts to take her place among the priests of the Sacred Order and become the next Guardian of the Dead. That is before Michael Singleton waltzes into her life and changes everything on the night of the Spring Solstice. Alena is enchanted with Michael but that attraction is more dangerous than she realizes. Amid secrets and lies, Alena will have to choose what is more important; the person she loves or the well-being of the tribe she grew up in.<br><br>Black Bird by L.E. Harrison is my favorite kind of book. It has just the right amount of romance, mystery, and creative twists to the paranormal. This book did a fantastic job of keeping you hooked as you go through the story and makes you empathize with the characters through their struggles. I love that you get to see the story through the perspective of other characters especially Jonathan, who is considered an outsider, as you see him battle between logic and what he experiences among the tribe. I also loved the side characters of Mack and Justin who brought an unexpected bit of comedy relief with their antics. This book truly was a joy to read and I cannot wait to get into the rest of the series. This story is well written with such amazing characters and I look forward to their development from this point forward.​​​​​​​<br><br><em><strong>4 Stars! Reviewed By Maureen Dangarembizi for Readers’ Favorite:</strong></em><br>The Blackbirds by L.E. Harrison is a three-book The Children Of Corvus omnibus. The first title, Blackbird, introduces a tribe of shapeshifters. The children of Corvus stay in an alternate dimension whose entrance is near the Blackwater hills in Maine. Jonathan Lance is an ordinary human author who takes the trip into the Otherworld to help his nephew, Michael Singleton, find a cure for his sickness. The priests of the Otherworld soon find out that Michael is cursed with the higher gifts of their god, Corvus. By law, Michael can’t be allowed to live. What the priests don’t account for is one of their own falling in love with Michael. From the moment Alena Andrick meets Michael, she is mesmerized and sees beyond the beast to the man underneath. In her bid to save his life, she uncovers a dangerous secret.<br><br>In Merula, years have passed since the events of Blackbird. The Otherworld priests are still perpetuating a lie to maintain their power. What is feared as a curse -- males who can shape shift into Corvus’ beast form -- is a deception. As far back as two hundred years ago those who could change ruled the tribe and made the race strong. For years, orphan Samuel Singleton has lived a fairly uneventful life until things begin to change. His body is changing and he has to hide his sickness or else face the fires of ritual sacrifice, just like his father. In Corvus, Samuel must prove that this is not an anomaly to be feared but one to be revered as it was so long ago. With the help of friends and family he must bring change to the Otherworld and save the condemned from the Shadowlands, the Otherworld's version of hell.<br><br>I really enjoyed reading this three-book series. Wonderful mythological twist. This series puts a new twist on the paranormal world of werewolves and witches. Anyone who enjoys paranormal fiction will enjoy the fantasy of The Children Of Corvus world. The first book is an eye witness account of what happened in the past and gives the hero Samuel a pretty solid backstory. I loved Michael and Alena’s story and cried because it was so bittersweet. The trilogy reads like Romeo and Juliet. There is lots of forbidden love among the main characters that added depth and tension to the plot. There is a really great myth with gods and goddesses. I liked that the reader doesn’t have to wait for the next book; you get the complete story.<br><br><br>I came to The Blackbirds with baggage. I read the word "shapeshifters" in the blurb and felt that I knew what to expect - buff, handsome man, often shirtless, and a modern, snarky heroine. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that genre, but, believe me, that is not what this book is. Instead L.E Harrison has set her sights much higher, and has much loftier ambitions.<br>This trilogy is set in a world of the author's creating, a world that is - and is not - northern Maine. We are deep in the lore of a tribe of shapeshifters, in Blackwater Hills. In the first book of the series, we meet our lead characters, Alena, who we are immediately fond of, and Michael Singleton, a man stained with a curse.<br><strong>-ReadFreely<em> (</em>Shortlisted for <em>The Best Book We've Read All Year)</em></strong><br><br><strong>Merula (Book Two)</strong><br>Readers' Favorite 5 Star review<br>​​​​​​​One of Indie Author Land's 50 best Indie Books of 2017<br>An IHIBRP 5-Star Recommended Read<br>Winner of the 2018 Virtual Fantasy Con Award for Best Dark Fantasy<br><br>A Fierce &amp; Driven Paranormal Fantasy Read!<br>In “Merula (The Children Of Corvus Book 2)” by L.E. Harrison, relationships extend to the second generation of the Corvus tribe, expanding on “Blackbird”—the intimate and revealing memoirs of enigmatic elder, J. Lance Singleton. As his children—brother and sister twins Jonathan Jr. and Sarina, along with Catriona—a cocky young reporter, and Cadie—a Blackwater runaway, set out to find J. Lance using his journal, they cross The Great Shield and have a fateful run-in with Samuel, a young man who along with Sarina was supposedly attacked by a horrid beast and left for dead. Little do they realize that each of them has now been set upon a dangerous path that will eventually lead them to their destinies.<br>&nbsp;<br>The tie-ins between all three novels of The Children Of Corvus series are seamless and “Merula” is no exception. Harrison’s plot line in this chapter is fierce and driven, establishing the upcoming dynasty that will rule the Blackwater clan. She holds back no punches as she presents a series of horrifying events that will leave most readers gaping with awe at the unpredictable nature of this dramatic paranormal read. Harrison has developed a fully intact and functional multi-world where each of her characters is well thought-out and independent—possessing a personality, drive, and agenda that is all their own. Full storylines on each individual wind together seamlessly, giving the reader a wider view of the panorama that contains the mystical world of Blackwater.<br>&nbsp;<br>Like most reads involving shape-shifting werewolves and witches battling it out between tribes and clans, Harrison’s tale contains graphic descriptions of physical torture and violence, such as when shifters change form and when harsh sentencing is carried out by the heads of their communities. I recommend all three books in The Children Of Corvus series—“Blackbird”, “Merula”, and “Corvus”—only for ages 17 and up.<br><em>-J.B. Richards - IHIBRP, https://www.authorjbrichards.com</em><br><br><em>​​​​​​​Readers' Favorite 5 Star review!<br>​​​​​​​Reviewed by&nbsp;Miche Arendse&nbsp;for Readers' Favorite<br>​​​​​​​</em>Merula: The Children of Corvus Book 2 by L.E. Harrison follows Acadia, aka Cadie, Maxwell as she flees from the only home she has ever known, after finding out about her tribe’s dark secret. In search of the truth, Cadie flees to the land of the ‘advena’ and there she happens upon Sarina and Jonathan, twin siblings in search of their missing father. The three, along with a young reporter, venture into Blackwater Hills hoping to find the twins' father. On their journey, the group encounters Samuel Singleton, who without knowing his true identity, follows the group after having been plunged into the shadowlands by a witch. Upon waking in the forest, Samuel undergoes changes that might bring to light even more secrets. Can Cadie help her new friends and expose the secrets of those trying to taint the Law of Corvus?<br><br>Merula by L.E. Harrison was a fascinating and exhilarating read from start to finish. In this book, we see the next generation following Blackbird (the first book in the series) and we delve further into the realm of the children of Corvus. We finally see the witches who worship Tempus and get a deeper look into the shadowlands. The book did a great job in bringing together the past and present within the story, giving the reader plenty of interesting characters and a rich storyline with twists and turns all around. I love the cast of characters for this book as each character has a vastly different personality and perspective. This was such a good book and it was a pleasure to read and review it.<br>​​​​​​​<br>"The novel has a promising plot, the intertwining stories of the two central characters are intriguing and will keep readers turning pages. The writing is descriptive and evocative, particularly when delving into the thoughts of the main characters and when describing the strange happenings they observe around them. The ideas of shapeshifting and a fantasy realm parallel to our own certainly aren't new, but Harrison puts a new spin on these concepts creating an original story that fans of the genre will enjoy."<br><em>-The Booklife Prize</em><br><br><strong>Blackbird (Book One)</strong><br>"I'm a sucker for books that take landscapes I'm familiar with, and makes them something magical and interesting. Nothing really does that more than a set of shapeshifters hidden away somewhere in Maine. ...An interesting story and a good premise for a book. It's easy to enjoy, and I could tell that Harrison really visualized and had a clear picture of the story she was telling. Steeped in magic and lore, there is a lot here to love."<br><em>-Bookwormblues</em><br><br><strong>CORVUS (Book 3)</strong><br>An IHIBRP 5-Star Recommended read!<br><br><strong><em>Author JB Richards - https://www.authorjbrichards.com</em></strong><br><em>5.0 out of 5 stars</em><br>Shocking Revelations &amp; Hidden Agendas Come To Fruition!<br>Hidden agendas come to fruition and dark emotions are at play in “Corvus (The Children Of Corvus Book 3)” by L.E. Harrison, but none are so shocking as what is revealed to both Cadie and Samuel as the former tries to resolve past issues and bring about a new future for himself and his tribe.<br><br>Shocking revelations are in store for Harrison’s readers as she weaves an intricate and terrifying conclusion to her paranormal thriller trilogy—with love, deceit, and murder sitting at its the core. With the very survival of the Blackwater tribe at stake, a deadly battle between those in power and those working behind the scenes to restore balance to their world may result in the destruction of them all.<br><br>Fans of this series will be delighted to know that the action and terror don’t let up for a moment in this dark and chilling conclusion to the Blackwater journey. L.E. Harrison writes all three books in The Children Of Corvus Series with passion and conviction, and “Corvus”’s bold and unique plot line gives new insight into a centuries-old werewolf community that paranormal fantasy lovers can really sink their teeth into.<br><br>Like most reads involving shapeshifting werewolves and witches battling it out between tribes and clans, Harrison’s tale contains graphic descriptions of physical torture and violence, such as when shifters change form and when harsh sentencing is carried out by the heads of their communities. I recommend all three books in The Children Of Corvus series—“Blackbird”, “Merula”, and “Corvus”—only for ages 17 and up.<br><br><em>​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Readers' Favorite 5 Star review!</em><br><em>Reviewed by&nbsp;Miche Arendse&nbsp;for Readers' Favorite</em><br>Corvus: The Children of Corvus Book 3 by L.E. Harrison continues from the second book, Merula, following the same cast of characters. Catriona Remington never thought she would be implicated in the business of a hidden tribe, werewolves, and witches - however, here she is. All she wanted was to air the scoop of the century and perhaps befriend the kids of her favorite author. Now Catriona must team up with Samuel, the new leader of the tribe, to save not only the twins but Samuel's father Michael, who is trapped in the shadowlands. Between fighting witches and fighting their attraction toward one another, can the two manage to save the people they love without losing anyone else?<br><br>Corvus by L.E. Harrison was a beautiful climax to this three-part series of novels. This book tied up loose ends and also filled in so many blanks left throughout the story, which just made for a wonderfully satisfying ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the entire series as a whole. Catriona was a surprisingly brilliant female lead for this book as I never would have expected her to become such a central character from the second book. I loved her budding relationship with Samuel and honestly found the pair to be my favorite couple. Cadie also became one of my favorite characters in this series as she represented a female character that has the duality of innocence and naivety, but also fierce strength and intellect. I loved this book and couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion. A must-read for any paranormal fan!<br><br><strong>​​​​​​​Customer Reviews:<br><br>​​​​​​​Blackbird</strong><br><em>5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating paranormal fantasy<br>​​​​​​​ Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2019</em><br>​​​​​​​I was fascinated by this paranormal fantasy which includes mystery, action and romance. LE Harrison’s description in Blackbird of the shapeshifter society with its history, religion, laws, traditions, customs and taboos is very detailed. That it exists in an alternate dimension within our world protected by a forcefield known as the Great Shield makes it more interesting. The characters are well developed. I have the Audible Audiobook narrated by Winona Owen. It took me a while to get used to her accent so I had to listen to the first few chapters several times over. Once I had got the hang of it, I found her narration OK but was a bit disappointed that there was no differentiation between characters for the dialogue. However, the narration did not detract from the fact that this first book in the Children of Corvus trilogy is excellent so I did enjoy listening to it. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><em>-Gillian M</em><br><br><strong>​​​​​​​Merula</strong><br><em>​​​​​​​5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting!<br>​​​​​​​ Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2019 </em><br>​​​​​​​ Merula is the second instalment the Children of Corvus paranormal fantasy trilogy (which is also something of a thriller) and is just as well written as the first. Plenty of mystery, suspense and action. LE Harrison includes lots of twists and turns in the story which kept me riveted to the end. I have the Audible Audiobook with excellent narration by Andrew McDermott and a vast improvement on the narrator of the first book (Blackbird). Andrew McDermott’s voice and accent fit well with the narration of fantasy genre books. He also produces a fair range of voices for different characters. This all makes for very pleasant listening and gives an extra dimension to LE Harrison’s vivid and expressive writing.<br><em>-Gillian M</em><br><br><strong>Corvus<br><em>​​​​​​​</em></strong><em>5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling final instalment of trilogy<br>​​​​​​​ Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2019 </em><br>​​​​​​​ Corvus is the final instalment of the thrilling Children of Corvus paranormal fantasy trilogy (Blackbird, Merula and Corvus). Once again, plenty of mystery, suspense and action along with some romance. LE Harrison writes so vividly. Add the superb narration by Andrew McDermott for the Audible Audiobook and you have a riveting listen from start to finish that conjures the events of the story in your mind’s eye so that it is as if you are there witnessing it all. I can highly recommend the Audible Audiobook.<br><em>-Gillian M</em><br><br><strong>​​​​​​​The Blackbirds (The Children of Corvus Omnibus)</strong><br><br><strong>5 Stars!</strong><br>This book is not what you are expecting in a shifter/paranormal book. That is not a bad thing. This book will blow your mind with complex spin on the original theme of the shifter world. You will love every minute of it and want more!<br><em>-Katrina A, Reviewer (NetGalley)</em><br><br><strong>4 Stars!</strong><br>This... Was not what I was expecting. In quite a good way. I thought it would be a shifter romance, and it is, in parts. But actually, its a clan-drama in a fantasy setting, full of social politics and scheming, lies and retribution. And it's actually rather good! If, like me, you were hoping for some steamy fluff, you may be disappointed, as the few sex scenes are PG, but I certainly got embroiled into tribe politics and didn't feel the lack. The trilogy takes place over a large time period, but focuses on one family within the tribe. I felt a little confused at the beginning, as the author chose to have a minor character begin the novel... However, in all, a broadly entertaining trilogy well worth a read if you like fictional gods and the secrets that bind. Four stars.<br><strong><em>-Corinne C, Reviewer (NetGalley)</em><br><br>5 Stars!</strong><br>I enjoyed this book, and it was long enough to keep me occupied for a while, which was nice. Having the whole series as one book was nice as well, because it allowed seamless reading throughout the series.<br><strong><em>-Reviewer (NetGalley)</em><br><br>5 Stars!</strong><br>I absolutely loved this book!<br><em><strong>-Cheryl T., Reviewer (NetGalley)</strong></em><br><br><br><br><br>