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Keith C Blackmore

<p>Keith still doesn&#39;t believe many folks would really want to know about him. And that most people visiting here will probably be family or friends or folks stumbling onto the site by accident.<br /> <br /> <br /> So, he shall remain a mystery.<br /> <br /> <br /> If you&#39;ve enjoyed his work and you would like to know when new books are released, consider subscribing to his horror fiction news and fantasy fiction news, found on his blog:<br /> <br /> http://keithcblackmore.com/blog/<br /> <br /> (subscription buttons are found on the right of the screen, just below the archives).<br /> <br /> <br /> &quot;Mountain Man&quot; recently became optioned for film.<br /> <br /> <br /> Find updates on books and more at<br /> keithcblackmore.com</p>