About the author

Jamie Tremain

<p><strong>Jamie Tremain</strong> was &#8216;born&#8217; in the summer of 2007. A collaborative effort brought about by two fledgling authors, Pam Blance and Liz Lindsay. Work colleagues who happened to share a love of reading and writing, and the natural next step was to try their hand at creating a story of their own.</p><p>Attending workshops and writing conferences, as well as blogging about their journey, have helped them along the way to hone their craft.&#160; Jamie Tremain has worked hard to be a visible presence in the writing community, where encouragement and support are golden.&#160;&#160;</p><p>We are thrilled to now have a Dorothy Dennehy Mystery Series trilogy. More to come!</p><p><strong>Pam Blance:</strong></p><p>Reading and writing is a passion for Pam. And in that order. She believes it&#8217;s a necessity to do a whole lot of reading to be able to write well.&#160; Growing up in Scotland, with a father who hammered away at an old manual typewriter producing poems and articles, she then picked up the bug.&#160; After immigrating to Canada in the sixties, Pam worked in many different industries. Raising three children and having a full time job only left her time to scribble, mainly for herself.</p><p></p><p><strong>Liz Lindsay</strong></p><p>Liz has always loved reading.&#160; As a child the perfect gift was a book! Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, or Trixie Belden, please. So what could be better than writing them? Raising three children and working at different pursuits left little time to barely read, let alone write. But a chance conversation with a work colleague, Pam Blance, led to tentative writing steps. Jamie Tremain was born and is the pen name for their collaborative efforts.</p>