About the author

Noelle Fox

<p>Like many of my characters in North Pole, I was also born and raised in a small town near Fairbanks.&nbsp; Although most of you probably think that&rsquo;s at the end of God&rsquo;s earth, I wouldn&rsquo;t live anywhere else.&nbsp; Romance doesn&rsquo;t happen in our town as reliably and adorably as it does in my fictional series, but still a wonderful place.</p><p>Most of my time is spent writing and raising&nbsp;two fabulous kids (does anyone ever say they&rsquo;re raising totally average children?), but I also love cooking, needlework and old movies (got to survive&nbsp;the long, dark winters here somehow!).&nbsp; My wonderful husband and my beautiful husky Apache take up the rest of my day.&nbsp;&nbsp;I love reading romance and women&rsquo;s fiction of all kinds, and will throw a good mystery in once in a while just because I can.</p><p></p>