About the author

Michael D. Beckford

<p>Michael D. Beckford is a titan in the book publishing industry. Having written in multiple genres of fiction incuding his break-out novel and well recived book &quot;Dying To Be Straight!&quot; Michael D. Beckford has set out to be a trail blazer of his own in the genres of Urban Fiction, Urban Christian Fiction and Poetry. He is 2015&#39;s BWABC author of the year, and continues to work his pen and keyboard to writing perfection. Michael D. Beckford is not only an author, he is a father, activisit and entrepeneur.&nbsp;</p> <p><em><strong>&quot;I want to write the works that mean something to people, I never want to be put into a box. I love to entertain and inform at the same time,&quot;</strong></em> says Beckford.&nbsp;</p> <p>Compared to the likes of Omar Tyree, Michael Eric Dyson and Michael Baisden, Beckford has some big shoes to fill and he&#39;s ready to hit the NY Times Best-Seller list.&nbsp;</p>