About the author

Dale H. Ferdinand

<p>Dale Ferdinand is a Wall Street stock trader, sales expert, sales trainer, keynote speaker and author. He is most known for developing customized sales programs for various organizations of all sizes and has helped thousands of people and organizations worldwide. Large financial institutions, companies, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and individuals use his training platform and systems to increase their dominance in the marketplace. He has given keynote speeches to audiences both on a national and international stage on topics such as sales, business, finance, personal development, self-reliance, motivation and managing investments. His explosive levels of energy, his humorous and take-action delivery keep audiences entertained, intrigued, and involved.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Ferdinand runs two companies, a virtual sales training and business consulting company and an investment management company. He has written several books. Which inspires those who want to achieve massive success: Financially Lit (2018), The Science Of Closing A Deal (2018) The Ferocious Salesman (2018), and Taking Massive Action, (2018). Ferdinand is always pushing the envelope to bring innovation to the world of traditional sales and sales based solutions; he launched a state-of-the-art, virtual sales training center, www.FerdinandUniversity.com, Ferdinand is also heavily involved in community outreach focusing on educating youth groups and organizations on sales, financial literacy and managing their money. He currently resides in New York with his daughter.</p>